A Record-Breaking Research Season

Driving with the tiny house.

We have been on the road now since June, and it is hard to believe that our summer expedition is coming to an end. We have enjoyed every minute of the journey—from the mammals we’ve seen and studied to the people we’ve met through our tiny home. Over the last few months, we have had […]

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Latest From Our Expedition

Blue whale. (Copyright Katy Gavrilchuk and David Gaspard)

We have been on the road with our tiny home for about four months and have had a very rewarding time studying marine life and hopefully influencing others to live smaller and more economically-conscious lifestyles. We began our tiny house journey to help alleviate logistical challenges and reduce costs of our whale expedition, in hopes […]

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Updates on Our Tiny House Expedition

Biologists on the sea.

Just a few weeks ago, we began our long anticipated journey and can’t wait to share updates as we travel to new destinations. We have already been lucky enough to observe the first whales of the season. So far we’ve seen more than ten humpback whales, one of whom is a regular male (Pythagore—shown below) […]

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Why a Tiny House? Our Journey to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

  After the 2015 whale expedition season, when faced with high travel costs and a lack of time to dedicate to studying whales, we began thinking of ways to alleviate these issues for future expeditions. We also wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and create less waste. The solution… a tiny house! When looking for […]

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